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Harvard University

May 5, 2015


Brooklyn for Peace 

January 30, 2016


Education, Activism, and the Legacy of Malcolm X:

A Conversation with Dr. Vincent Intondi and Ilyasah



Union of Concerned Scientists

February 16, 2017


Commencement Speaker, State University of New York

at Oswego, May 17, 2017


Peace and Planet Conference

June 19, 2017


University of Washington

April 4, 2018


Syracuse University

April 3, 2019


Steps to a Nuclear Weapons Free World-New Jersey

Institute of Technology, April 14, 2019


Belfer Center, Harvard University

October 9, 2020


Arms Control Association Annual Meeting

December 8, 2020


Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Entry into Force

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility 

January 21, 2021


Press the Button Podcast, Ploughshares Fund

February 8, 2021


American Physical Society (APS) Physics Annual Conference 

August 12, 2021


Peace Action of Staten Island, Make Food, Not War Annual

Event Keynote Speaker, November 13, 2021

ICAN Nuclear Weapons Ban Forum

June 18, 2022

EVN Masterclass: Links in the Same Chain: Race,

Social Justice, and Nuclear Weapons 

February 22, 2023

Nuclear Threat Initiative

March 15, 2023


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